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Samuel Iglesias

Samuel is 34 y.o. physician assistant (PA). Knowing everything (or nearly) about the nature of sexual relations, libido, and carnal pleasures.

In 2008 Samuel graduated from The University of Texas-Pan American, where he got a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Biological Sciences.

In 2010 he got his Master's degree as a Physician Assistant at the same university.

For a year, since 2011 he works as a Physician Assistant and Investigator at Rheumatic Disease Clinic. After that, in 2012 Samuel was raised to the Physician Assistant position at Katy Rheumatology & Associates, PA.

Since 2016 Samuel applied to the Assistant Investigator position at Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute.

In 2020 Samuel joined our team. Together with his girlfriend, he covers the main sexual disorders in couples and highlights interesting and spicy options for solving them in his reviews. You can find a lot of interesting advice to surprise your couple.

Also, you can always find Samuel at Facebook.

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Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes?
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Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes?
If you find yourself wondering why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes, you might wanna find out the reasons for what causes a loose vagina before talking about this to ...
12 April 2021
Signs a Female Coworker Likes You: Read Before You Make a Step
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Signs a Female Coworker Likes You: Read Before You Make a Step
Office romances are very common and often exciting. But before pursuing her, you must read the signs a female coworker likes you. It is very important in an office to ...
24 March 2021
How To Self Suck: A Comlete Guide To Auto-fellatio
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How To Self Suck: A Comlete Guide To Auto-fellatio
If you want to know how to suck your dick, for whatever personal reasons you have, if you have tried it by yourself you should know it is not easy ...
27 July 2020
Is Masturbation Dangerous? Life-Changing Philosophy of NoFap
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Is Masturbation Dangerous? Life-Changing Philosophy of NoFap
Fap or NoFap is a personal choice of every person, just like veganism or keeping to meat consumption. Although choices pertaining to our nutrition seem to have an immediate effect ...
19 February 2020
How to Milk Prostate: Our Guide To Prostate Orgasm
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How to Milk Prostate: Our Guide To Prostate Orgasm
Have you known that one can experience orgasm by stimulating your prostate? Yes, this is possible. Prostate orgasm is an orgasm felt throughout your whole body. This process is Prostate ...
06 October 2019
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    • Your ultimate guide to Bathmate Penis Pumps
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    • We all love to have a great body. It adds to the attraction of our personalities. And often, men hit the gym to pick a body that would impress their sexual partners but imagine the disappointment that your partner would face when the hunk Mars-like body does not match the dick. Ah! The embarrassment. It is a brand that brings to you penis pumps. A water penis pump is like ...
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    • Tenga Egg Masturbator: Choosing the Best One In 2021
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    • A Tenga egg is a blessing in the shape of a normal egg. It is compact and so convenient to use anytime, anywhere. You need to pay zero attention to its maintenance as they come in use and throw form. You just gotta use it and throw it away in the trash. The Tenga sex toy is winning over the market at an impeccable rate. Men love the fact that ...
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    • Finding The Best Toys For Double Penetration In 2021
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    • If you are a sexually adventurous and haven’t tried out the best double penetration toys, you miss out a lot. If you would love to explore double penetration without necessarily getting involved in an orgy, we have some good news. The double penetration sex toy allows you to pleasure yourself and your partner, both vaginally and anally simultaneously safely and without much fuss. Stick around, and you will know everything ...
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    • Best Trojan Condoms That Offer Great Protection
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    • When you have sex with people, you want to be protected. Birth control pills and other methods can help you in some situations, but condoms are still the best solution. Picking the right condom can be hard, though. There are many brands out there and it would take forever to test them all just to decide which one is the best. In a situation such as this one, you certainly ...
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    • Pleasing her is not just about buying her nice flowers, gifts and taking her to eat in nice restaurants. It’s true you can make her happy with all that but to really please her, do not only think about her heart, but also go straight for the G-spot. As a man, you need to know that there are condoms meant to enhance a woman’s experience. We actually have condoms specifically ...
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    • Want To Find The Best Vibrator For Men? Start With Our Reviews!
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    • Whenever anyone says ‘vibrator,’ it’s somehow implied the toy is for women. Most people immediately imagine a bright pink dildo and give out a nasty smile. But come on — let’s be frank — men want to have fun, too. And men — straight men included — can always benefit from a bit of anal stimulation. Then again, how do you choose the best vibrator for men in a market ...
  • Best Prostate Supplement
    • Top Prostate Supplements: Improve Your Performance In The Bedroom
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    • Unfortunately, problems with the prostate are common in males, and you can control it to some extent. The problem can affect bladder control, sex-drive, hair fall, and many other physical as well as mental issues. Men of different ages can suffer from it. This issue is a big obstacle in personal and even professional life. If you have this problem, you must become proactive and look for ways to manage ...
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    • Best Masturbation Lube For Men: Here's Everything You Need to Know
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    • What if we told that you could improve your solo plays, sounds promising? It would be a whole new experience with an enhanced pleasurable sensation. The way you satisfy yourself shouldn't be routinary. In this post, we have the best lube for masturbating to help you with that. So, you could spice things up to add more sensation before climaxing. We have selected the best lube for masturbating 2021 for ...
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    • Butts don’t wet themselves. They always need extra help to make them more penetrable and easier to take. The best anal lube out there is neither thin nor thick. It’s just enough to warm you up and makes sex comfortable without making the atmosphere and your bodies sticky. If you’re looking for the best lubricant for anal sex, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve made a list of the ...
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    • Tired of using the same old hand to masturbate? Trying to find the best feshlight sleeve in the market? It’s time to break up with your hand and meet your next best friend. We are introducing Fleshlights, the best male masturbators in the world and men’s greatest gift of ejaculation to themselves. Is this your first time hearing about a fleshlight sex toy? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Fleshlights ...
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